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It’s Been Awhile! August 19, 2009

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A lot of crazy things have been going on here lately and I haven’t been able to post anything….

I got attacked by a stray cat about 11 days ago so I have been dealing with that! Let me tell you, immune globulin, tetanus rabies vaccines hurt like hades! Plus they make you feel crappy. Thankfully animal control called yesterday and let us know that the cat doesn’t have rabies so now I don’t have to get the last two vaccines. Yay me! Unfortunately I now have scar tissue that is forming from the bites and the bruising. This is very painful and the doctor has no clue if it will go away or not!

The kids are back in school! I can’t believe that all three are now old enough to be in elementry school! Boy does time fly!

Been working on my Initials, Inc business and trying to get that off the ground. I did my first party this past weekend and I enjoyed it! Loved seeing all the ladies fall in love with the products that I sell! I am also getting ready to start classes on the 24th. I checked out the course outlines tonight and they sound very scary! The first 8 weeks I have Bible and Psych! I am sure that as I go over everything I will end up blogging about what I am learning! How could I not, it all seems very interesting and I can’t wait to dive in! I love a good challenge and this is definitely it!

I know that this is short but I just wanted to do a quick update!


A sleepless night! July 23, 2009

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It’s 3 A.M. and I can’t sleep! I have my 6 year old laying here beside me, my 8 year old camping out in my floor and the dog some where in the middle of everyone! I’m sure the insomnia has something to do with the Dr. Pepper that I have been chugging since about 8:30. Yes, I know, not very smart, but I keep hoping that the caffeine will make my headache go away! Oh well, c’est la vie!

This time sleeplessness has given me time to design my business cards, magnets and some other thingsĀ for my Initials, Inc. business. Gotta love Vista Print! I already placed one order this week where all I had to pay for was shipping on 4 items, and today they sent me an e-mail giving me a bunch more things… I get 75 magnets, including some calendar magnets, 100 post cards, and my own designed business cards (250) all for $11.50! I can’t believe it! I would pay twice as much for business cards else where!

I also got some more stuff done for school today! Got all my transcripts sent off, completed my financial aid requirements, and made lots of phone calls. If I can register for classes by Friday I can get a free fleece! Yippie! I love free stuff. Now, if only there was a place giving away free kids clothes, I’d be set!

Having three kids that grow faster than you can feed them get very expensive! My oldest seems to never get full. I’m not sure where he puts it all, but it goes some where. My middle and youngest aren’t huge eaters, unless it comes to mommy’s lasagna or homemade pancakes!

Well, this tire mom is going to try to overcome the Dr. Pepper now and get some sleep!